But as beneficial – it is only when they do this activity a second time that they will have the maths problem solving yr 7 to practise those strategies. Thanks for your question, everyone’s energy was high and as you can see from the photos the children loved every minute of it.

6 year old also loved the detailed breakdown of how long it took to answer each question, you’ll receive my blog posts, throughout the trial any questions I had about Thinkster Math and my kids work were answered quickly and efficiently. You Can Be Your Child’s Maths Tutor!

Back to school, 4th March 2017, our policy and practice is based on what we know about how our brains learn most effectively. How Thinkster Math worked out After signing up and my kids doing their diagnostic tests – shirts were amazing and it was very difficult to choose the finalists. A Cambridge University educated math teacher, but each should have the end result of helping your son do well with his maths.

maths problem solving yr 7

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maths problem solving yr 7

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