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machine learning automated essay scoring

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machine learning automated essay scoring

Please forward this error screen to cpnl. Today, September 23rd, 2015, we are rolling out the most significant change to our Automated Essay Scoring system in its history. Although these changes represent an improvement in our AES technology, we recognize that classrooms as well as individuals may track changes in a score on a thesis or other written work over time, and that these changes could disrupt that process. To mitigate this issue and ease the transition, we are blending the scores from our previous AES model with scores generated using our new scoring models.

As always, we welcome any feedback on the new scoring system. We hope to continue with another round of major enhancements to the automated grader in the summer of 2016 when it will likely be less disruptive to most users of our service. Students report that the scores are higher all of a sudden! The improved models do not “clump” to the center of the scoring distribution as they did in the past.

This made it very difficult to get a solid A. So, “No”, the intention is not to give higher grades, but “Yes”, this is a side-effect of the improvements. I have noticed that a paper can rate far below average in every measured category and still have a projected grade of “B”.