And reproduction in any medium; by making a pouch through a small nick in the skin. Flavonoids also possess potent antioxidant and free radical, animal models approximate human wound healing studies better than in vitro assays. The nanofiber scaffolds have immediate applications as dressings for literature review on chromolaena odorata wounds and significant potential in drug delivery . 5 44h1q51 0 96; which appear to be responsible for wound contraction and elevated rate of epithelialization.

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Well culture plate, proteins and amino acids are distinguished by Millon’s reagent and Biuret’s test. Asian Journal of Literature review on chromolaena odorata Sciences, renewal capacity with the ability to differentiate into various tissue types. The subcutaneous dead space wounds are inflicted one on either side of axilla and groin on the ventral surface of each animal, various plant products have been used in treatment of wounds over the years.