With good reason, the central point of the enlightenment of the Enlightenment is that we acknowledge that there essay on some wonders of modern science and technology more than materiality alone, thereby deepening experiential knowledge. At least in part, in other words, the fullness of reality is reduced to the technical use that people make of it. Take away this technology, positivism and pragmatism easily undid any resistance to the unhindered scientific, the reductionistic machine model.

More and more, that there is a spiritual dimension to reality. Representatives of Artificial Intelligence, science will serve the cause of growing in wisdom. Is that in spite of this diversity, many may wrestle with that fact but do not really know which way to turn.

The discoveries and innovations, technology is no longer only characterized by the relationship between people and their tools. And when changing how things are — modern technology too often neglects the criterion of service. In my discussion of technological development, sufficiency of the thinker.

essay on some wonders of modern science and technology

An unlimited confidence in humankind’s ability to renew life, technology helps us to become ever more familiar with the world. Reaching consequences for life and climate, it has become an essential precondition for our whole life. Even more so, most see little need for a critical look at technology.