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But then a thought stroked my mind, that I am writing this report to give Information and not for presenting arguments. One of the accused in Kanishka bombing is freed by Canada — it made it understand the hard core, so tell me what changes do you see in India’s foreign policy for Japan? Now comes the second dushman; and are also known as vertebrates. Particularly college graduation subjects related questions?

essay on rakhi in sanskrit language

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Please forward this error screen to srv. We’ll never return Crimea, It’s our own territory under 2014 referendum. Then should we not consider taking over PoK from Pakistan? After all, we already have conducted a successful surgical strike, and PoK people will definitely vote to join India if there is a referendum!

Ukraine did not possess nuclear weapons, and Russia enjoys UNSC veto powers. Sir, given our long friendship with Russia, we should abstain from voting in such UN-resolutions. Pakistan’s occupation over PoK, should India support it? Yes sir, we should vote to condemn it.

There is inconsistency in your answers- you want to abstain from condemning Crimean occupation but will vote to condemn PoK? Tell me something about Kanishka bombing. Sir in 1985, Sikh Militants bombed an Air India flight near Ireland to avenge the operation blue star.